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How does BBF know so much about Telework? It’s what we do.

  • Over 20 years direct shipping furniture across the country
  • Over 10,000 home offices installed to date
  • Proprietary delivery and installation services (Install 360®)
  • Our logistics, product designs and service model perfectly fit Work at Home needs


You can just send an employee home with a laptop – or can you?

Work at Home seems easy, but the home office is legally considered an extension of the corporate office. The proper furniture, professionally installed, will mitigate the risk for workers compensation claims.


What you don’t know can hurt you.

From insurance and liabilities risks to how teleworkers can be most productive, we simplify the complexities of any Work at Home program. Get our customized approach to implementing guidelines, sharing our expertise with your organization, from beginning to end.


Everything you’ll need to know about Work at Home in one place.

Use our resources and tools to get you started on a Work at Home Program. Our Office Evolution site helps to:
  • Determine the feasibility
  • Define the scope
  • Comprehensively plan
  • Implement within critical time frames and budgets
  • Establish performance and evaluation criteria

Join the Movement!

BBF has installed over 10,000 Home Offices for Fortune 100 companies.

proven track record

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